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GPS, Google, Getting lost and I so want to curse big time!

Today we were driving to several locations in southeast Washington DC -- google maps sent us to Maryland; the GPS sent us to VA. NOT a good day. We made it thanks to paper maps and the iPhone. And damn we still had to pay $14 for the stupid GPS (which ended up in the glove compartment). My favorite part-- when we returned the rental car (AVIS) and explained that the GPS had problems; they said not to worry, the next person they were giving it to was from NY so it wouldn't matter. Sorry person from NY, hope you get to where you wanted to go someday!


PS Oh and speaking of AVIS did you all know that AVIS now demands in advance payment just in case their car breaks down and oh I don't know, you might want someone to come out and deal with THEIR mistake!!

PPS- BTW we got some great data from the GETSET teachers and students and are so looking forward to looking at how the kids are doing in STEM. GETSET teachers and student ROCK!