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Go Isis

So today as I was checking out First Bell, I read:

Department Chair Steps Down Over Polling Class On New Mother.

Edward Feldman, former chair of the medicine and epidemiology department at UC Davis, was asked to step down after he "polled a class on what grade he should give to a student who had to miss some quizzes because she had given birth," Inside Higher Ed (5/10) reports. Linda P.B. Katehi, chancellor at Davis, had previously pledged to investigate the incident, and Feldman was asked to step down as a result of that investigation. The popular blog On Becoming a Domestic and Laboratory Goddess first reported the story, and the original email is available there, and reposted at Inside Higher Ed. "The blogger who shared the letter about the incident said in an interview Monday night that she applauded the university for taking the matter seriously enough to punish Feldman," and added Feldman was probably "not acting maliciously, but based on decades of reinforced beliefs."

Wait I think, that sounds familiar and of course it does because FairerScience friend Isis wrote about this ages ago and now- wow not only was action taken but she got credit for it!

Go Isis, Girlfriend I totally owe you a pair of shoes but please not Manolo Blahnik; I still have people to get to and through college.