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Food food food

I've been on the road a lot lately interviewing students and generally having fun- hence the lack of posts. Travel is often fraught with problems (especially when you are flying) but there are lots of benefits including, if you are very lucky, finding a great new restaurant. This last trip we found three! This was so exciting that I decided to FairerScience's first foodie post.

I have to start with Fin which is known for "Caribbean Small Plates in Key West." Key West you say-- well remember I told you there were some upsides to travel. I found Fin looking through a book of menus- theirs was the most creative, so off we went to 613 1/2 Duval Street (I liked the 1/2).

We did the chief's tasting menu and it was sooooo good that we immediately made a reservation to come back the following night- becoming their first customers to come two days in a row (they're a new restaurant-open less than two months). They put together really interesting combination of foods like caramelized diver scallop with fois gras flan (who knew scallops and fois gras could work so well together).

The Spanish flatbread with shaved black truffle had so many slices of truffle that I was picking them up and eating them straight-- oh my that was good. Tom went crazy for their empanades (they make their chorizo). The second night the chief sent us ceviche (with pink Key West shrimp). Now I didn't usually like ceviche but I do now (as long as chief Michael Schultz is making it).

So if you are ever in Key West, go to Fin and tell them Pat sent you.

For my next foodie post, kimchi grits (no kidding) at Empire State South in Atlanta.