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Pat on the radio

If you want to get up really early on a Saturday (like 7:00) you can catch me live (well sort of live- I did the interview today) on The Everyday Leadership Show hosted by Dan Mulhern who is the husband of Michiganís Former Governor Jennifer Granholm.. Ok I know I shouldn't have said that because Dan is pretty impressive in is own right but heck Jennifer Granholm..

Anyway we spoke predominately about stereotypes and why there has been more progress about reducing stereotypes about what women and girls can and do do than there has been for men and boys. I of course plugged valuing more (and paying more for) traditionally feminine activities. Anyway it was fun, he was good and he had done his homework.

BTW if you don't want to get up that early (and I'm not sure I will) there is a podcast. A lot of his stuff is about gender and I'm going to start listening to at least some of his shows.

On the downside he called me a pioneer which made me feel old. FairerScience friend David Mortman said being a pioneer didn't make me old, it meant I was in a young field. That Mort-- he's good!