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Encompassing multiple modes of communication in one report

Now that may be the worse title I've ever written but hey it does tell it all. FairerScience friend Ruta Sevo has written a really interesting monograph, Basics About Disabilities and Science and Engineering Education, which can be down loaded for free!

Ruta's core assumption is powerful:

Everyone needs to know more about disabilities. Any one of us is or can become a
person with a disability overnight. There are profound dynamics in play when able-bodied
people interact with people with disabilities. Historically, Western society has gone the
gamut in treatment from charity, to murder, to freak shows, to empathy, and respect.
We will assume that we as a society want to evolve to a point where the response
to a disability is not inhumanity and injustice. We will assume that the reader agrees that a
person with a disability should not be excluded from community, public life, and work.

and the content is very useful.

But what's really innovative about this monograph is the format or I should say the formats. It includes:

The Short Overview is in powerpoint format.

Science and Engineering Education and the Participation of Persons With Disabilities looks at the need for inclusion.

The Short Reader and Syllabus is a digest for those who want more but probably not as much as a full reader in Disability Studies.

Changing Our Psychological Response is for educators who might want to know that we can learn to moderate any automatic, unconscious biases when we interact with people with disabilities.

An Annotated Bibliography.

It's a very interesting way to make sure that there is something for everyone in on monograph. for everyone in this mongraph