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You get paid to go to grad school!

So guess who has been spending most of her time traveling around to a variety of colleges and universities interviewing juniors in STEM about their graduate school and career plans. Yes that would be me and yes, that is the reason you haven't heard much from me recently. I'm having a wonderful, although exhausting, time interviewing these students. They're amazing and I'm learning a ton!

One thing that I've learned is you mothers and fathers out there-whether you know it or not-- you're having a big impact on your kids and at least for this subgroup of kids, that impact is really positive. And you middle and high school science and math teachers who work so hard to get kids engaged in he sciences-- it's working! The things these kids say about you-- that's right you--are so moving. I hope they tell them to your face someday. And oh yes those of you who don't engage the students you're teaching-- I've heard about you as well and well, it's not pretty.

Some things I've been learning are quite upsetting. One of those is that there are a number of STEM undergrads who would like to go to graduate school but say they can't afford it. That's right! THERE ARE NUMBERS OF BRIGHT STEM UNDERGRADS WHO DON'T KNOW THAT YOU DON'T PAY TO GO TO GRAD SCHOOL IN THE SCIENCES, YOU GET PAID.

FairerScience readers we need to change this. If you work in a college or university- tell undegrads this important truth, ask your colleagues to to tell their students, put a sign on your door, heck put signs up everywhere. If you're a parent- tell your kids, tell your kid's friends, tell their parents. Hmmm maybe I should get some bumper stickers made.

An oh yes if they want to know/do more. Send them off to GrantsNet . It's free and full of useful information about grad school funding (and oh yes sources of undergrad research experiences).


You get paid, but not much. I finally managed to win a grant this year and it put me above the poverty line. So it's still legitimate to say that you can't afford to go, if you aren't willing to live on beans and rice for 4 years.

Really good point Eve. I still shudder at the Bisquick, cream of mushroom soup and cheapest ground beef possible casserole that was what I cooked for "fancy" dinners in grad school. That said, these students were thinking they had to pay tuition themselves, which is a different story

PS Many congratulations on your grant!

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