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It gets better; pass it on; maybe you can save a life

Dan Savage has decided that we all have to come together to help save the lives of kids who are trashed, bullied, harassed- often to death-- because of who they are. He's doing that by asking folks to upload videos to YouTube telling gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered middle and high school kids that "it gets better". It gets better as in, please don't kill yourself, it does get better. How sad I am that we need to do this, but how much I appreciate that Dan and Terry are doing this. These are our children; they are dying and we can help save their lives. Telling them about "it gets better is so not the only thing we need to do but it is a start.

My goal-- no more kids kill themselves because they are bullied and no one is helping. It may be an unrealistic goal but these are our children, they are dying and we can do something to stop that and we must!


President Obama now has a video up on "It Gets Better". http://www.itgetsbetterproject.com/

The Safe Schools Improvement Act has been introduced in the US Senate (it's already in the House)


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