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Why did I never think of this?

I spend a lot of time in not fabulous neighborhoods and have had my share of "yes you have to take me there, it's the law" stories. But I hadn't thought of this one Washington Post blogger: Mark Fisher told it this way:

When a D.C. cabbie refused to take David Alpert from downtown Washington to a scruffy neighborhood clear across the city, the poor hack had no idea with whom he was dealing. Alpert... immediately got on the cell and worked his way up the chain of command of the District's taxi commission--even while he was still in the cab.

Within minutes, Alpert had D.C. Taxi Commission Chairman Leon Swain on the phone, and Swain asked to speak to the recalcitrant driver, and faster than you can say "install that meter," the cabbie was taking the passenger where he wanted to go, whereupon the driver was under orders to report to Swain's office for a talking-to.

That's what I'm doing from now on!

PS In NYC the Commission chair is David Yassky. The numbers: Dial 311 or (212) NEW-YORK (212 639-9675)