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I'm not a geo scientist but I get to write with them

I so love the women in science blogosphere but not just for the posts-- the connections and friendships are perhaps even better. A year ago Anne Jefferson , Kim Hannul, Suzanne Franks (yes she is indeed the fabulous Zusak) and I did an on-line survey about women geoscientists reading and writing in the blogosphere. We had some interesting results. Anne and Kim presented on them at the Geological Society of America meeting. The results (nicely refined by Anne) have been published in this month's GSA Today. Check it out- we are featured!

We did find some interesting things (just in case you're unwilling to download the whole 2 page article -- did I mention it was short--very short):

The online opportunities for mentoring, networking, and knowledge sharing may be particularly valuable for women and minority geoscientists. Virtual networks offer opportunities to provide support and reduce the professional isolation that can be felt in physical work environments where there are few colleagues of a similar gender, race, or ethnicity.
Blogs and other social media may provide a source of community and role models for women geoscientists and help in the recruitment and retention of women from undergraduate education to faculty or industry careers. Our survey results show that blogs are already providing valuable benefits to white, academic women geoscientists, but that existing social media networks could be doing a better job of supporting minority geoscientists and those outside academia.

It's a nice little study with some interesting results-- it may not change the world; but that women from different fields can come together virtually and do research that has interesting results. Now that might just change the world!

PS And oh yes if you would love to work in Colorado on diversity issues- co-author Kim has a job for you.