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My hair is on its way to the Gulf

I got a haircut yesterday and today the hair that I left behind is on its way to the Gulf to absorb oil (really). Dale and Rob at DHR Stylists are part of an effort to get hair and fur to the Gulf to be used in the clean up effort.

The non-profit (A Matter of Trust) is asking

all salons, groomers, alpaca, llama, sheep, buffalo fleece farmers, feather donors, individuals, & pet owners to sign up to be a part of this recycling system for hair, fur, fleece, feathers, nylons... and to volunteer to make booms.

Dale and Rob have already sent 10 pounds of hair and are filling another box (and I chose a shorter hairstyple-- hey anything for a good cause).

I signed up and am breathlessly waiting for an address so I can send them all my old pantyhouse (they stuff the hair into pantyhose to make a boom).

So please, if you get your hair cut, ask your hair-cutters to join the effort and if you are like me and have a draw full of pantyhose you don't wear sign up yourself to send them in. Right now there isn't much we can do about the oil spill but this is something (BTW, these folks have been using hair, fur and pantyhose to clean up oil spills since 1998.)

PS Check out some of their You Tubes-- our hair is impressive!


NO WAY -- I used to go see Dale and Rob when I lived in Cambridge! Small world! Rob usually cut my hair. They were both great and I loved their wacky decorating.

WAY-- Rob cuts my hair too. He and Dale are doing well, the shop is even more decorated and they got married five years ago.

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