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Hooray for Rebecca!

Some of you may remember the review of Math Doesn't Suck by then middle school-er, Rebecca Taylor. Well last night, almost three years later (hmmm time does fly) that same Rebecca was awarded the Wellesley Education Foundation's Freshman Award for Excellence and Extraordinary Interest in Mathematics.

The certificate she received said

"Rebecca Taylor is a student who loves to give all she has when doing a math problem. Although it was not required work, Rebecca constructed a regular tetrahedron to help her solve a problem concerning dihedral angles. In addition, her comments and questions in class are thoughtful and have been indicative of a deeper level of thinking than one would ordinarily expect from a high school student. Rebecca is a student who strives for and achieves excellence."

So let's hear it for Rebecca and all the kids whose passion and excitement about math and science help give us the energy to keep working toward a better, more equitable education for all.

Thanks to Corri Taylor and Mia Ong for letting us know about Rebecca's award.