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A rant I wish I had written

We at FairerScience fly somewhere pretty much every week. Thank you I appreciate the messages of sympathy that you just sent to me. I have stories, oh boy do I have stories, but I don't have to tell them because Kate over at Shapely Prose has said it so much better than I can. Of course she didn't mention that for some reason Delta decided that I have a seat on tomorrow's 6:30 am flight but Tom doesn't, but I don't think I can blame her for that.

BTW she uses the f word which, while I don't use it in the blog, I've been very very tempted to use big time with the airlines.


On a positive note, Tom and I have decided we're not going through the full body scanners--privacy, potential harm, whatever... Anyway. this morning when I went through security I started to explain, hey I'm a researcher, I explain and of course confused everyone. Finally the TSA guy said "oh you want to opt out" I said yes got patted down by a nice woman and that was that. Tom learning from me, said he wanted to opt out. The TSA guy said "another opt out" and all was well.

So if you don't want to go through the body scanners, the magic words are "opt out"

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