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There was no snow so Pat was "on the hill" Friday

Thanks to the American Youth Policy Forum, our session "A Comprehensive Approach to Success in Education and Careers for Out-of-School Youth" went really well.

Why am I telling you this? Well first I'm bragging but second I'm really excited that we have a model that really works for young people who dropped out of school and who still want to learn. In less than half a year, students increased their literacy skills almost two years worth and their math skills more than one year's worth.

That's nice you say, but why are you writing about this for FairerScience? I'm writing this because you need to know that there is no science in these programs-- heck there is no science in these kids' lives. We talk a lot about science in kids' lives, but our disconnected youth, those who dropped out or were pushed out of school aren't on our science screen. That needs to change