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Pat's at AAAS

Ok actually I was at the 2010 AAAS annual meeting in San Diego. I got back late last night and reorientated to snow. While I was there I presented on how NSF's Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professorate (AGEP) has led to dramatic increases in the annual number of STEM PhDs awarded to underrepresented minorities (URMs). And it has.

In the past 8 years, institutions in the 19 AGEP Alliances increased the numbers of their URM PhD recipients in All Natural Sciences and Engineering by 49% (from 377 to 563).

Now we need to get those numbers much higher but a 49% increase isn't too shabby especially when the rates of increases for URMs are higher than for other US students. AGEP really is reducing the gaps while all gain. YES!

And oh yes you can read all about it here.