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Pat's on the hill

I'll be doing a American Youth Policy Forum on the Hill (yes THAT Hill) on 2/8 on the results of our work with returning dropouts

A Comprehensive Approach to Success in Education and Careers for Out-of-School Youth

The Community Education Pathways to Success (CEPS) model targets out-of-school youth who have expressed interest in earning a GED by addressing low literacy and math skills through an integration of youth development, social supports, and career-related services. The CEPS model, in partnership with community-based organizations, supports participants through completing their education, entering college, finding working, and contributing to their communities. This forum will provide an overview of the model, discuss results from a recently released evaluation, and provide recommendations for policy.


I know it's not the FairerScience usual thing, but when you think about it, it really is. Anyway I'm really excited about the findings and would appreciate it if you would pass the information on to others who might be interested

Date: Monday February 8, 2010

Time: 11:45am- 1:30pm
Location: Capitol Hill, TBA

If folks are interested in attending they should contact jlerner@aypf.org

and while there won't be Pat's fabulous homemade chocolate chip cookies for everyone there-- there will definitely be cookies for any and all FairerScience friends who are there.

and if you are not going to show up-- I know parking is very difficult-- you can at least read the report.


Go get 'em, Pat!

The snow storm did us in. The session has been postponed to march 5th. Hope you all in the DC area are finally getting dug out!

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