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Good by Mary Daly and thank you

Heaven knows that I didn't always agree with Mary Daly (ok sorry about the - what- pun? choice of words? whatever?) but when she was in the world, she always made us question our assumptions and challenge our beliefs. It may be an easier but not a better world, with her passing.

Who is Mary-- well today her website says:

"Women of the world unite! Stand up and fight! Say our own names! Go up in flames!" - Mary Daly, September 2006

Mary Daly urges you to remember: The World Can't Wait, Women Can't Wait Women Can't Wait, the World Can't Wait
Rest in Peace, Mary.

The rest makes sense but "Rest in peace" Ha that would be so not be Mary. The Boston Globe said it this way:

Fiercely and playfully -- often at the same time -- Mary Daly used words to challenge the basic precepts of the Catholic Church and Boston College, where she was on the faculty for more than 30 years.

Dr. Daly emerged as a major voice in the burgeoning women's movement with her first book, "The Church and the Second Sex," published in 1968, and "Beyond God the Father: Toward a Philosophy of Women's Liberation," which appeared five years later. That accomplishment was viewed, then and now, as all the more significant because she wrote and taught at a Jesuit college.

"She was a great trained philosopher, theologian, and poet, and she used all of those tools to demolish patriarchy -- or any idea that domination is natural -- in its most defended place, which is religion," said Gloria Steinem.

So Lesley, Michelle -you took courses with her-- anything you want to add?


Thanks for the post about Mary Daly. In an odd sort of way, Daly is responsible for Terri (my parter) and I being together. Years ago I had gone to Terri's office at ACS for some business thing - and while there noticed she had Gyn/Ecology & Websters' First New Intergalactic Wickedary of the English Language on her bookshelf.

After I commented about what might be perceived as an unusual matching (a MD reader hanging out in a major science organization) Terri astutely asked me how it was I knew who MD was. And that was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

We heard about Daly passing away and join you in wishing her well on her new journey.

What a great story

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