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A plug

FairerScience friend Peggy Layne has not just one, but two new books out--Women in Engineering: Professional Life and Women in Engineering Pioneers and Trailblazers.

Women in Engineering: Pioneers and Trailblazers introduces the visionary women who opened the door for today’s female engineers. Pioneers such as Emily Roebling, Kate Gleason, Edith Clarke, and Katherine Stinson come to life in this anthology of essays, articles, lectures, and reports. In this book, the significant contributions women have made to engineering, in areas as diverse as construction management, environmental protection, and industrial efficiency, are finally placed in their proper historical context.
Women in Engineering: Professional Life illuminates the professional lives of today’s women engineers through articles, lectures, reports, and essays dating back to the 1920s. The selections in this groundbreaking anthology examine the current state of employment opportunities for women, the gender gap, and opportunities for career advancement for women in engineering.

Peggy's been working these for quite a while and I'm delighted that they are out and that I'm going to get to read them. Yea Peggy!


Thanks, Pat! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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