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One last thank you for the weekend

Ah it has been a wonderful long Thanksgiving weekend. We at FairerScience did very little work, ok except for Tom who has been changing over our systems. I LOVE my new key board and having two monitors. I'm sure I'll complain at some point but for now-- I am a happy person. Of course that may be related to my taking a whole 4 day weekend off. I am so relaxed that when I went to the post office just to get stamps to send Christmas cards on Saturday; the folks at the post office (Hi Cheryl and Jonesie) were like" what's wrong with you; why don't you have any work stuff?" Blowing up stereotypes and expectations--always such a good thing to do.

And speaking of giving thanks and blowing off stereotypes I've been thinking about the early not-astronauts-- you know the women like Jerrie Cobb who, according to USA Today not only passed all the tests but "passed and far exceeded the average responses of the Mercury 7's team for flight time and endurance." No she didn't get to fly in space-- well you know that whole girls can't fly thing until ride Sally Ride.

So while I am thinking of the soooo many things I am thankful for; I would like to add to my thank you list those totally cool women in the 1950s-60s who trained to be astronauts and did damn well (68% of the women applicants passed the tests vs 56% of the men-- ok I know that's not la large effect size but heck...). They never got a chance to fly-- well you know that whole girls can't fly thing-- but in so many ways they helped the rest of us to fly.

Thank you all!