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Starting strong, ending stronger

So ok this has nothing to do about women and science but it does have a lot to do about women. Today I, 8000 of my closest women friends and about 10 guys who I didn't know, did the Tufts 10K in Boston. The magnificent Tom drove me down, cheered me off and cheered me in (and bought me a great meal with champagne afterward). I race walked the whole thing with 13 min miles and except for some really bad chafing from a hidden sticky label on my new, but washed, Nike jog bra (yes I'm bitter), it was fun.

But that wasn't what I wanted to say. When I thanked Tom, he said he was glad he came; that seeing all those women-- all ages, all colors, all sizes running together was really inspirational. Being part of that crowd was even better. The theme was "starting strong, ending stronger" and that's pretty much what happened. It was a beautiful day and an amazing group of people. It doesn't get much better than this

PS I especially loved the 18 women in their pink shirts which said "Follow me. After 33 years I know where I'm going". Yes these women have run the race for all of it's 33 years.