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The road less travelled on

Am not sure but I'm probably too late for this month's Scientiae and I'm really sorry because the theme "the road less traveled on" means a lot to me. Ah there is so much to say. Here are just some of the things:

1. in elementary school I tried really hard to be an alter boy. Yup you're right; I totally failed on that one even though at age 9 I took and passed an adult religion class (Father Smith instructs Jackson), won religious education contests (even though I was in public school) and wow you should have seen my holy picture collection. But I didn't have the one thing I needed to be an alter boy-- and no it wasn't religious fervor

2. In college I was a math major-- and not a BA Math major but a BS Math major (minor in Physics). I didn't actually kill any of the myriad of folks who said I was too cute to be a math major. Damn I had a great funny line for this and then I started thinking about women who were killed because they were studying something that wasn't "female friendly" and there are no jokes-- just tears.

I was going to write about quitting my academic job the day I got tenure and lots of other things but at this point all I want to say is please let us all spend some time thanking the women, living and dead, who took the road less traveled on and made it easier for the rest of us.