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I'm desperate and not inspired

The theme of this month's Scientiae is "Inspiration or Desperation" and the later is more what I am feeling right now. It's been a really tough week but I've never missed a Scientiae and am not about to start now......

When she wrote about the theme, Academic said she was writing about "those people who put up cheesy positive slogans like "Teamwork: Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is a progress, working together is success - Henry Ford" which invariably seem to be balanced against the person posting a message designed to mock these things like "Teamwork: Share Victory, Share Defeat."

So here are some of the, hopefully not cheesy (ok I actually don't care if you think they are cheesy), "slogans" that keep me going:

"One foot in front of the other; roadblocks are just time outs for thinking."
from my crazy Harley drivin', grappa drinkin', friend Deb Eve, who is the best mother EVER. It kept me going during the time when Tom's broken neck was healing in fits and starts.

"There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest."
from Elie Wiesel, what else can I say it's Elie Wiesel. It reminds me that there is more than winning for our causes.

"Rosa sat so Martin could walk. Martin walked so Obama could run. Obama is running so our children can fly."
Am sorry I've tried to find who said this but haven't been successful. It reminds me that while progress is slow and so not linear, we are making progress.

"What if I looked just like grandpa when I grow up?" [Would you like that?] It would be AWEsome."
from Seth Campbell-Mortman (aka my grandson). It reminds me to remember the joy.

and last but not least, our family motto, "F**k'm if they can't take a joke"

May this new academic year bring us peace, productivity and most of all joy.


Dear Pat,

I especially liked your last statement of "wanting peace, productivity...and joy (hopefully in the academe)!" I know that feeling...one reason I left the academe (or am taking a break). It got joyless - especially when the very reason I went in was "my passion for my work" and the kind of issues I "researched - or wanted to research". (I know that sounds like a cliche).

I do wish women in the academe came together more often to share, chit-chat and personalize their careers, while also challenging each other and doing supportive, but stimulating, peer reviews.

Women in politics are doing this sisterhood thing better than many in the academe. In the academe they seem to research it and write about it - than follow it! :))

About inspiration...There is no "one way or easy way" to get inspired.

Sometimes it is just getting out of your world for a while and coming back with a new zest. :))

And sometimes it is just producing a lot of mediocre stuff (even garbage) with one or two that will always remain your "star work" - only! Ha, ha, ha!

I also like more respect and worship - that inspires me and many other women! Some real admiring, adoring, adulating students, assistants, peers and people...who make me want to impress them" :)) Silly and shallow - but sister it can work sometimes! Oh...passion for work, supportive and stimulating peer reviews and arsek------ people...that would inspire anyone. Oh joy! :))

Dr. MS

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