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Ok I know I don't do these kinds of posts but....

Here is a letter I just sent ot the CEO of Marriott. BTW anything that is within () was added for the post == hey what can I say; I'm a researcher; everything has to be accurate

Dear Mr. Marriott: {that's correct -- his name is Bill Marriott)

As you can tell from our rewards numbers below, my husband, Tom Kibler, and I spend a lot of time in Marriott hotels. Indeed several years ago, we spent some time in the Stamford Marriott mentioned in this link.

While the service in that hotel was fine; what indeed we expect from Marriott; I found the parking garage was not a comfortable place and, even though I regularly travel by myself; not a place I was willing to go without my husband. Part of my concern was because driving from the hotel to visit a friend in Westport, we found that several blocks away from the hotel was, what we found out later to be, a well known drug buying and selling spot.

I understand that we need to be aware of the environment around us and to be careful of our personal safety. I also feel that when we are staying at a hotel chain with a Marriott reputation we should be able to expect reasonable security. The idea that when someone is attacked and raped in a Marriott faculty, Marriott's response is not to look at security but rather to blame the victim and seek to embarrass her and shame her is unconscionable. In any case this is an awful response; in such a case when the woman was raped in front of her childrenówell words fail me.

So now I am in a position where I'm afraid to stay at a Marriott property by myself. Not only will you not protect me; you will go after me if something happens to me while I am staying at your property. And since that is the case, then of course when I am traveling with my family we will no longer stay at Marriotts. The sad part for both you and us is that we really like your hotels and when we had a choice we stayed at them and now we no longer feel comfortable doing so.


Patricia B. Campbell, PhD
Marriott Rewards number XXXXXXXX (remember I'm the privacy freak)

Tom R. Kibler
Marriott Reward number (see above)