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What would you tell Congress?

So next week Congress will be holding hearings on women in STEM (and/or lack of the same).

I have several questions for you:

What do you want Congress to be told?

What would make your life as a woman (or man) in STEM easier, better, more fun, more productive (you might want to limit your answers to things Congress might be able to deal with but whatever)?

Hmm this sounds like a Scientiae post but if you want your ideas passed on, my time frame is much shorter-- like by Monday night

PS Speaking of a Scientiae , this month's version will be hosted by the always interesting AbelPharmboy.
The theme

Summer days, driftin' away. . .Consider how you balance the demands and pleasures of this season. Have you found ways to make progress on your must-dos while also taking time for your family, friends - and yourself - and being in the moment of this time of year? Or are July and August just another month for you?
If you haven't submitted a post to Scientiae before, this would be a great time to start.