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Putting your values where your blog is

We all have heard, oh sooo many times; "put your money where your mouth is". And while it is an annoying thing to say, it is true-- if you believe in it, act on it. Well right now two of my favorite ScienceBlog bloggers-- Zuska and Dr. Isis have done just that. Let me just give you their words:


While I've been away from the blogiverse, it appears that you've had the misfortune to be treated to all manner of disgusting ads popping up here at ScienceBlogs. Mail Order Brides, Naughty Singles, and I don't know what all else. Isis has some details here. She says:

...if you've been visiting me for any length of time then you know how I feel about the exploitation of women, especially racial minorities and women from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. That's the entire point of the Letters to Our Daughters Project and the Silence is the Enemy Project, right?

That said, I cannot in good faith continue to contribute content here while these ads remain visible. This also makes me sad because I love being at ScienceBlogs. I love my Sciblings (well, most of them) and I believe in the establishment of community for the promotion of science. But, it would not be right for my page views to generate revenue that funds individuals who exploit women. The morality in this matter seems pretty black and white.

I believe the management here at ScienceBlogs when they tell me that they are working to have their ad agency remove the ads, but the traffic generated in the meantime while those ads still appear still puts money in the pockets of those who exploit women. So, until I receive confirmation from the Overlords here at ScienceBlogs that these ads are gone, I'm taking a hiatus.

Well said. Can't think of a thing to add at this point. I'll be back when the ads are gone. In the meantime, I sincerely apologize to those of you who have been offended by the ads, and I hope that someday you'll receive an apology from ScienceBlogs, too.

You've noticed there are no links in this post. Until this is resolved, there will be no links here to ScienceBlogs posts. And thank you Isis and Zuska-- you personify putting "your money where your mouth is" and on this 4th of July I salute you, I'm not very good at salutes; but please know you have my respect and admiration.


Pat thanks for this post. Here's hoping we have some good news to report from Scienceblogs sometime soon this week.

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