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I'm an "innovative oyster restoration vessel"

I'm an innovative oyster restoration vessel and thanks to Sciencewoman I now know this.

You need to know how much I love oysters--At one of the Oyster New Years in Seattle I attended, I actually ate more than 3 dozen oysters. Wanna see my tasting notes (yes I have tasting notes on oysters-- hey I just told you I love oysters)?

Hog Island Flats (Tomales Bay CA) Ostrea edulis interesting flavor
Westcott Flat (San Juan Island WA Ostrea edulis the flavor is very similar to the Westcott Bay without the clam overlay
Westcott Bay (San Juan Island WA) Crassostrea giga lovely, a lot like a clam
Cormoalit (New Zealand) very nice
Sound Fresh Little Skookum Pacific Yearling (southern Puget Sound) Crassostrea giga
Snow Creek Flats (I think I just like the Flats)

Hog Island Atlantics (Tomales Bay CA) Crassostrea virginica meaty and salty
Sound Fresh Olympia Ostrea lurida sweet
Mountain Island Flats (Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia) Ostrea edulis interesting good flavor delicate

Hog Island Kumamoto (Tomales Bay CA) Crassostrea sikamea, small and delicate
Generic Kumamoto- I think I like more flavor
Hama Hama (Hood Canal, WA) Crassostrea giga too mild

Hog Island (Tomales Bay CA) Crassostrea giga big, lots of flavor
Fanny Bay (Vancouver Island Canada) ok not great
Salutes (Prince Edward Island Canada) Crassostrea virginica weird
Generic Olympia- ok not great
Penn cove select- donít bother

Even though the Patricia Campbell is named after someone else; I love that my namesake is innovative, really cool looking and helping to preserve an important species that I love.

Let's hear it for all the Patricia Campbell's of the world (and just google; there are many, many of us)


:) I love the tasting notes, but they won't be much use for me as I've never worked up the courage to try one.

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