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Want to increase your hits? Don't do anything.

You may not know but FairerScience is not our only website; Campbell-Kibler Associates, Inc (C-KA) has it's own website. It's been around since, hmmm I guess 1996, and we use it to disseminate our publications and resources. Everything is free and everyone has permission to duplicate and use the materials but not to sell them or to modify them.

We do add nonFairerScience materials to the website but that's pretty much it. A couple of months ago I looked at the C-K A website and shuddered and said to Tom, we really have to redesign this. But life being what it is and the C-KA website not being a high priority.... Now I think we will just let it be. Our ignored website is getting an impressive number of visits-- about 300 visitors a day with daily page views ranging between 300-600.

Ah I thought those have to be bots or spam or... ; so I checked the two biggest search terms "examples of gender stereotyping" and "gender differences in education" and googled them. We were number 4 under examples of gender stereotyping and number 3 under gender differences in education. And they were both for our old (and I mean old-- 1994) brochure, "Girls Are... Boys Are...." which is on myths, stereotypes and gender differences. It was an inspiration for FairerScience's "Why Don't They Hear What I Say?"

The good (or perhaps bad) news is that the "Girls Are...: Boys Are...." information and message is still accurate and needed. Maybe they do hear what you say, you just have to wait 15 years.