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Live bloging JAM, day 1

I was planning to the do some live blogging from NSF EHR HRD JAM (the Joint Annual Meeting of the Human Resources Development but since the wireless is “llimited and low” conductivity; this is going to be semi-live. We are here for several different projects, ENGAGE , our AGEP evaluation capacity building project and our work with Fort Belknap College.

Lots of really good things happening including getting to hang out with Alice Pawley. Will post about our role playing session on dealing with the media tonight, it was great fun. Am off to another meeting.

Am now listening students from Tribal colleges describe their research. This young woman, Deborah Kirk, from Haskell is describing how she digitized the the Cherokee Trail of Tears. She is creating an interactive map so the Cherokee people can go back and at least see their homeland virtually. She has traveled along the trail GPSing it, taking pictures and collecting artifacts. She is giving a fascinating presentation interweaving the history and her work.

Now I'm listening to two students from Chief Dull Knife College talk about their research on improving water filters and some of the implications of good water filters for Indian reservations. Anyone can make the filters for very little money and they work!

Hmm live blogging is hard, esp for someone with my spelling and typing skills. Am going to stop and listen for a bit;

Three students electrical engineering students Southwestern Indian Polytech are next. They been developing a Geiger counter to be used in suborbital flights and they are testing it in their own rocket (with two other teams of students). They got to do the coundown for the rocket and deal with launch problems. Sadly the rocket never left the atmosphere and the parachute got ripped so the payload landed so hard that they couldn't retrieve their data. These three are great

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A big shout out to NSF TCUP program officer Jody Chase for setting this up. .