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Keeping On Keeping On

Sciencewoman and Alice ask us, for this month's Scientiae "What keeps you moving forward in your science, work, and life?"

Well, when asked to describe what I was like, Tom used to say; "Whenever Pat sees a barrier, she starts running and crashes into the barrier head first. She then picks herself up and crashes into the barrier again and again and again." Recently I asked Tom if I had changed much since then. "Oh yes," he said, "Now you wear a helmet."

What keeps me moving forward? The strong belief that if I just keep trying, I can make things better. Does it matter if the belief is irrational or just plane wrong? No not usually. Luckily I have folks who love me; who help pick me up, dust me off and even suggest some more effective strategies for getting past whatever the current barriers are.


Hey Pat - thanks for the contribution, but wanted to say - the plan is all SciWo's, I'm just serving as backup if she needs it. :-) I don't want to take credit for Science Woman's plan, but I will as one member of her cheering squad.

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