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Happy Pi Day

So I was going to get up this morning just before 2 so I could post this at 3/14 1:59 but when the alarm rang I said the heck with it. It's Pi day. There are celebrations and the House of Representatives even passed a National Pi Day Resolution. I know, I know some of you may be thinking with the economy in shambles, two wars and an educational system not doing so well- perhaps the House should be dealing with other issues, but we all can use a Pi break.

To ensure we have some ideas about what to eat today, Science blogs has been doing a Pi day bake off for the last two weeks and it is now your chance to vote. I think my favorite is Zuska's Bird Pie (no not that kind) which at our house would rapidly become squirrel pie (sorry folks I'm not going to explain you will just have to read it). On the other hand, Dr. Free-Ride has made many pies with gorgeous pictures and even pie charts.

On another artistic Pi front; CNN's Science Tech blog has a song American Pi. The chorus:

So why, why canít I calculate pi I just want to see the numbers 3.1415 And if thatís all, then letís keep it alive ĎCause my calculator seems to have died. My calculator seems to have died.

(oh cut her some slack, she wrote it in high school)

The folks over at Pi Day also have a song. It's a little strange but it is "the digits of Pi mapped to notes in a melody."

I'm off to order some pizza (yup pizza pie). Happy Pi Day