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First Wines

Thanks to Wine Authority we are comparing two wines from Chardonnay grapes. one French Burgundy and the other a California Chardonnay. Much discussion and much disagreement including between me and tom. I'm going with the French--it's smoother and more delicate (I know I know that's not like me) while Tom is going for the California- much hardier. Both by the way very good.

French: Rully Premier Cur 2005
California: Lynnar Russian River 2005.

Update: we also tasted two pinot noirs- one from CA (Alma Rosa) and one from Oregon (Lemelson). Unlike the whites there was little disagreement-- the Lemelson was the hands down winner and not just because the winemaker's father was Jerome Lemelson was one of the most prolific inventors ever.

Thanks Able for doing this; it was much fun!


Ping! (11 weeks late, though).

Thanks for joining us and playing along. What a pleasure to visit with you and Tom - and for saving the day with the corkscrew! Alex Ley also has a great picture of Tom comparing the reds that I reposted in my post. Hope you are both doing well!

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