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Bits and pieces

I tend not to like bits and pieces posts, but since I have some bits and pieces, here goes:

I've been updating the Free Resources section of FairerScience, and found a couple of things I thought you would be interested in:

Diversity in the College Classroom: A Guidebook written by FairerScience friend Alice Pawley and Christine Pfund. This 160 page guide is intended to encourage and support faculty and others in teaching a course that challenges science and engineering instructors to think about diversity differently. It includes week by week plans, course handouts and assessment and evaluation activities.
How to Create a Woman's Initiative This website is designed to be a resource for beginning and maintaining a women's initiative (WI) outreach program like the ones at the University of Washington and MIT. It includes an Introduction section to get familiar with the program and how to use the website, a First Year of the Program section which covers all the ideas necessary to get your program up and running, a section on Maintaining your program. It also includes a section of Materials and links to existing women's initiatives across the country.

FairerScience friend David Mortman introduced us to She’s Geeky! "She’s Geeky events are neutral, face-to-face gathering spaces for women who like to geek out. Attendees include women involved in all aspects of technology, including those who like to use geeky tools, not just coders, programmers and engineers. You don’t even have to be from the computer industry. You just have to be a woman who identifies as a geek." Unfortunately for the rest of us it is in the Bay area, but maybe we could convince them to do some things in other parts of the country.


Hey Pat - thanks for the shout out. I'd love to hear if people ever use any of the parts of our guidebook.

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