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Jenn's Chemistry Corner

Being married to a chemist means that I often find scientific publications scattered around the house. Every week we get a new issue of Chemical and Engineering News. They’ve been stacking up lately so I thought I would flip through them and see what jumped out at me. So, without further ado, I present Jennifer’s Chemistry Corner.

*First up, is a cover story called “Unraveling Breast Milk”. I confess I didn’t read the article but I thought it was a great cover photo - I can’t get an exact link to it but if you click here and scroll down to the issue from September 29, 2008, Vol. 86, issue 39 you can see the cover photo. Considering just two years ago, a photo of a breastfeeding mother on a magazine about parenting irritated readers I was pretty pleased with the people at Chemical and Engineering news. I checked out the subsequent issues and not only were there no complaints from outraged scientists, there were lots of compliments.

*Here’s another “first woman” story to add to the mix: Ellen Kullman, the new CEO of Dupont, is the first woman to lead a major public U.S. chemical firm. I know that people sometimes get tired of “first woman to do X” stories but I still dig them.

*Next time we visit my family in the Philadelphia area we’ll have to check out the Chemical Heritage Foundation , described as a “library, museum, and center for scholars.” They have all sorts of neat exhibits and events and it looks like a previous exhibit on Women in Chemisty, called Her Lab in Your Life is being redesigned for the museum .


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