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Mud Puddle Frogs

Since his neck was broken in early June, Tom and I have been walking around the neighborhood a lot. It's beautiful, it helps build and heal bones and it preserves whatever sanity we have left. One of the joys of our walks has been the frogs. While we like the frogs who come to visit our neighbor's fish pond; our favorite frogs are the ones in the mud puddle in the middle of the dirt road. The pattern: it rains hard, a big mud puddle forms, 24 hours later there are three or four little frogs peering out of the muddy water. This goes on until the puddle dries up. Next big rain same thing happens. Usually there are three or four visible frogs and they are always about the size. Over the past four months this has happened maybe 10 different times.

So my biologist friends I have a silly question. Where do the frogs go when the puddle dries up and why do they come back? We live on a lake but it doesn't seem to be frog jumping distance to the road and if you are in the lake why go to the mud puddle? (Ok that last question may be more philosophical than biological).

So some people are worried about the economy, others about the election. Not me I've given up on that. I'm worried about the frogs.