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Finally A Feminism 101 Blog

Yes really, there is Finally A Feminism 101 Blog. Thanks to FairerScience friend Kathryn Campbell-Kibler for introducing me to it.

It's a great find; just read it's purpose:.

The first reason FF101 exists is to help ensure that discussions between feminists donít get continually derailed by challenges from newbies and/or antagonists to explain and justify our terminology and conclusions to them, right now! Substantive challenges can be valuable, but constantly having to explain basic theory over and over, when an interesting discussion was underway, gets really frustrating. Thereís a time and a place for discussing the basics, and disrupting a discussion on other feminist topics is not that time and place.

But, this blog is one of those places for discussing basic feminist theory, and this is a place for asking questions about it, as long as you abide by the Comments Policy. The knowledgable can send the as-yet-uninformed here, where thereís plenty of introductory information to be found (remember to follow the links!). The sincerely curious can satisfy their quest for knowledge, and the ideologically antagonistic can at least learn which of their beliefs about feminism are well-founded and which are mere myths..

Questions are diverse ranging from Why do some people talk of feminisms? to Some feminist said/did something offensive/stupid/crazy/evil, so isnít feminism a failure? (My personal favorite).

The answers are thoughtful, interesting and, when necessary, snarky. There are lots of opportunities to go more deeply into a topic if you chose. It's a good resource but more importantly it is the perfect place to send the "what do feminists want?" commenters