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Calender Geeks

Last month I posted that Nerd Girls and Geek Girls Are Everywhere. Well I left something out; Calender Geeks. Now we don't advertise or endorse products here at FairerScience but you have to read what these folks say about themselves.

Bikinis and rose petals are all well and good, but those who like girls who can use their brains may prefer our perspective on the year 2009. None of the models in this calendar are just posing; they're all real geeks who are passionate about the themes of their pictures. In addition to the photos, the twelve-month calendar features geeky holidays such as Pi Day, sci-fi cons, birthdays of notable geeks like Albert Einstein and Ada Lovelace, and the Unix timestamp 1234567890.

Sadly the chemistry geek died a few weeks after her photo was taken. Her portion of the proceeds is being donated to a scholarship fund her mother is organizing in her memory.