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New report highlights the “bad news” for women in academia

From FairerScience colleague Donna Tambascio, AKA the Deputy Director for Communications & External Relations at the Wellesley Centers for Women, who is taking up some of the slack for me for a bit. Thanks Donna!

Check out Inside Higher Ed’s recent article, Quiet Desperation’ of Academic Women. The Higher Ed article reports on a study, “Gender Equity in Academia: Bad News From the Trenches, and Some Possible Solutions,” that appears in the new issue of Perspectives on Politics. The article is behind a paywall but the abstract is available.

The article lays out frustrations of female faculty members from the University of California: Irvine about the overt and subtle gender inequities they experience. The authors of the qualitative study from which this information comes, say that these issues are typical at any research university: harassment, sexist remarks, undervalued recognition, work-life conflicts, and more. In their response the University noted the professional advancement of female faculty and administrators as well as institutional policies.