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Why aren't there more women in science and engineering?: Version 743

Titled "The freedom to say 'no'", this version comes from the Boston Globe. Spoiler alert; the short answer is "girls don't like it". The longer answer: "men,relative to women, prefer to work with inorganic materials.." "...women in general prefer to work with organic or living things." The clincher "an equal-opportunity workforce may look a lot less equal than some had imagined. "

I just don't know where to start; but I know where to finish:

Following up on last December's first-ever female sweep of the Siemens Competition in Math, Science and Technology, three 17-year-old young women won the top prizes in last week's Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

The post is a nice analysis of progress toward equity in science in the younger generation. Forget the Boston Globe piece, read this one