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Lower your visor

Let me start by saying I really, really, really do not believe that violence is the answer to pretty much anything. That said, today in the Indianapolis 500 Ryan Briscoe crashed into Danica Patrick in the pit lane because he was totally violating the pit lane rules and therefore crushed her chances for a win (ok more realistically for a top five finish). Guess he figured she would back off; she didn't.

After the crash, as the 100 lb Danica walked down pit lane toward Ryan Briscoe, his pit crew chief yelled "lower your visor" (so she couldn't punch him). She didn't, everyone is fine and congratulations to Scott Dixon for a fabulous win.

And I know I'm going to get yelled at for this; but you know with all the violence against women, it was kinda nice to have a guy worried about having a woman he had wronged punch him.