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I can't make this stuff up!

The American Chemical Society (ACS) has a a mole as its mascot and the mole's name is, naturally, Avogadro. Cute huh? Not so cute are the descriptions of the stuffed moles you can buy to show your ACS support:

First there is Milli, well actually her full name is Milli-Mole Doll. Milli, and I quote, "is thoroughly modern with her purple T-shirt, white lab coat, goggles and closed-toe shoes, but she’s never pretentious. She will sit for hours on your desk or lab bench hanging on your every word as you explain the permutations of the Schrödinger equation. She gets you - she really does!"

Of course you may want to choose Plush Mole Toy. He, yes he, "is ready for work in his white lab coat and goggles. He even has his own test tube and is sure to keep you company on your desk or lab bench and assist you with your every need."

And oh yes, he's worth more (or at least is more expensive).

What's left to say? Well ACS has had a committee to encourage women in chemistry since 1927! Guess some organizations are just slow learners.