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Building Web Communities

Many good things are happening here at FairerScience, but the best one may be that we've put up a whole new section on the website called "Building Web Communities."

You can start with any of the multi media presentations there. They come from the 2008 AAAS session "Blogs, Boards and Bonding: Using Electronic Communities To Support Women in Science." You just have to see and hear Annalee Newitz present on "Women. Blogs and Science". Annalee, yes she's the Annalee from www.io9.com and techsploitation, will blow your socks off.

Then you should listen to Rosa Carson (yes our Rosa--she left us for Tufts and we miss her) talk about "Using Action Boards to Support Women in Science" and learn a lot about what we've been doing wrong and right in our use of action boards. And if you wonder what Rosa looks like there is a great picture of her there. In a third presentation Claudia Morell from the Center for Women and Information Technology provides an important international perspective when she speaks about "Using Electronic Communities To Support Women in Science".

You can also check out our latest tool, "Using Women in Science Blogs to Encourage Girls in Science". It shows you how to…, well I guess based on the title you can figure that out for yourself. Along with tips and ideas, Using… provides examples of blogs on women's lives as science students and scientists and on the science they do. Hopefully you'll see some old friends there and be introduced to some new ones.

It's all very exciting. So check it out. Let us know what you think and what else you would like to see there.