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I'm reading as fast as I can

The Final Report of the National Mathematics Advisory Panel was released today. I'm reading it as fast as I can, and will report on the full report soon. I have to confess the first thing I did when I downloaded it was to search for the word "girls"

There was only one entry:

Average gender differences are small or nonexistent, and our society’s focus on them has diverted attention from the essential task of raising the scores of both boys and girls.

So then I searched on gender

There were three entries, the one above and:

The effectiveness of such salary schemes is affected by the amount of differential in pay, the gender and experience of the teacher, and whether the bonus is a one-time signing bonus or a permanently higher salary, as well as other factors.
More research is needed on test item design features and how they influence the measurement of the knowledge, skills, and abilities that students use when solving mathematics problems on achievement tests. These design features might have differential impacts across various groups (e.g., gender, race, English language learners).

Oh my isn't this interesting?. I'm off to read the rest of the report. Am thinking I may not be happy at the end.