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I thought March was Women’s History Month, not Women are Stupid Month

I’m not a big fan of February. Last February was terrible – I was trying to finish my dissertation and had the double whammy of a pipe bursting in our house and the discovery that my beloved cat Pierre had cancer. This February there were no floods or feline fatalities but the pall of last year’s February seemed to be hanging over me. So I was thrilled when the dreary month was over. Yesterday morning I jumped out of bed and was a whirlwind of personal and professional productivity. However, my good mood started to evaporate when I began my daily routine of procrastinating online getting informed about the world and learned that I can’t do math and I'm stupid. I thought briefly about going back to bed and waking up again when March was over but I thought Pat might have a problem with that plan.

The Washington Post piece by Charlotte Allen is the main target of my outrage and I am not alone . There’s one report that Allen’s piece was intended to be “tongue in cheek” but I find that excuse both weak and missing the point. One of my favorite responses was from a contributor at the Daily Kos - it moves beyond addressing the ridiculous content in the piece and looks at the larger context of how The Washington Post could think it was ok to publish something so hateful.

Here’s hoping the rest of Women’s History Month will be a lot lighter on the misogyny.

p.s. I just learned that Charlotte Allen "will come online for a special chat to answer readers' questions about her article and the public's reactions and rebuttals to it.". You can submit questions or comments here. Let us know if your comment or question gets addressed!


You may want to read the transcript of Allen's discussion about the column. Spoiler alert: Guess Allen's piece wasn't "tongue in cheek" after all.


Pat, thanks for posting the link to the transcript. I had suspected the "tongue in cheek" defense was a mad scramble at responding to the outrage.

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