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Speaking of Evelynn Hammonds

Remember how I said how cool my co-Fellow, Evelynn Hammonds, is? Well it is clear that I'm not the only one to think so. Evelynn is one of the amazing people included in the new African American National Biography. And speaking of amazing also included is FairerScience friend, Shirley McBay. Shirley, who got her Ph.D. in Mathematics at the University of Georgia in 1966 (now you know that wasn't easy), since 1990, has been the president of the Quality Education for Minorities (QEM) Network. One of the many reasons I admire Shirley can be found in the description of the QEM Network

The QEM Network is a non-profit organization based in Washington, DC, dedicated to improving the education of African Americans, Alaska Natives, American Indians, Mexican Americans, and Puerto Ricans. Millions of dollars, now spent for remedial purposes, could be made available for the educational benefit of all children and youth by improving the quality of education available to the groups targeted by QEM. Quality education for minorities improves the quality of education for all.

While you probably aren't going to buy it (It's eight volumes and costs $795 and that's before shipping. So if you only have $800 buy it at Amazon instead of Oxford Press—Amazon will ship for free), it is wonderful that it exists and hey maybe you can get your library to get it

Thanks to Donna Tambascio for letting us know about this.

Am off to NSF to do proposal review (I know, I know but I also know that it is important that we all continue to do this no matter how painful it might be. The only reason I am mentioning this, other than to guilt you all who have said no a lot lately, is to say postings may be slim for the next few days-- unless you want to see my reviews-- which I think may be illegal )