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Webcast Recap

As Pat mentioned yesterday, we had our inaugural webcast on Wednesday and it went very well. It was an interesting experience because the participants weren’t actually talking on the phone line with us – they “talked” to us by typing into a chat box. As you can imagine, it’s a challenge to present on something without any feedback – how do I know if they laughed at my incredibly funny comments or liked the cat photo I included? The organizers at the National Girls Collaborative Project were great to work with and the technology was pretty cool. There was definitely enthusiasm for the world of science blogging – you are all doing important work! I’m looking forward to expanding the presentation into a tool for FairerScience. As Pat said, we’d love to have any suggestions from you.

We did get some great questions from participants, including one that I wanted to throw out to our readers. One of the suggestions we made was to encourage girls to “Science Up” any existing online presence they had, including their Facebook page. I wasn’t very familiar with Facebook so I started playing around the site yesterday. I was sucked in pretty quickly and reconnected with a good high school friend who is now living in China and wound up selling some of my jewelry (the opportunity to play Tetris wasn’t too bad either). I was curious if any of you have used Facebook, especially related to women in science.

Here’s the link to the slides again and we promise to post to the audio as soon as it’s up (as long as you promise to laugh at the right spots).

Time to play Tetris on Facebook get some more work done!


I tend not to like social networking sites -- MySpace makes me cringe -- but I really enjoy being on Facebook. It's like MySpace for grownups who still have a bit of kid in them. :)

Jennifer - That's a really great description of Facebook and I have similar feelings about MySpace :)

p.s. We featured your site in our webcast!

I resisted Facebook (What? you have to register to see *anything*??). But last fall an alumni group for a high school program (oh, so long ago) sucked me in. Like Jennifer I've found it engaging -- learning things from other folks without their having to explicitly remember that it'd be something I'm interested in (and send me yet another e-mail).

I've recently invited a number of friends to join the National Girls Collaborative Project group - http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=4848794215 - and I am hoping the discussions there take off.

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