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Computational Couture

From the North Carolina Science Bloggers Conference I went home, baked 10 dozen cookies and went to New York City where Iíve been doing site visits at programs for returning dropouts. I'll tell you more about what happened to the cookies later, but did want to give the Boston area folks a heads up about a fashion show.

Yup Pat is posting about a fashion show. Why- well because this doesn't seem to be your average fashion show. First it is at the Boston Museum of Science and second as they say it features "emerging designers from around the globe and functional creations that mesh sophisticated, cutting edge technology, new methods of engineering, and fashion to redefine the notion of 'wearable."

Unfortunately it isn't free, tickets are $15 but the idea of checking out interactive clothing and talking to the designers is pretty cool. I'm going to try to make it. It's January 30, at 8:00 at the Boston Museum of Science.