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An Attempt to get to “The Truth about Boys and Girls”

NBC Nightly News aired a special series this week on The Truth about Boys and Girls which is worth a listen (and perhaps a response or two via one of the many related blogs they have listed). Here’s a quick snapshot of each program’s focus which you can view online. (FYI: One more program will be added to this line-up).

Salary and the sexes – As we all know, the pay gap between men and women continues. This program reports that the gap starts immediately after college gets worse after then.

College applications: Avoiding the gender bias – This program highlighted how to find online information on colleges where girls are admitted at lower rates than boys.

New rules help single-sex schools – This program reviewed the Administration’s latitude for schools to split sexes into different classrooms and how this challenges Title IX issues.

Why Men Never Remember and Women Never Forget – This program explores the science of gender differences.

Posted by Pat for Donna