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An obligatory end of 2007 Post

Ah, it’s that time of year…top ten lists, reflections, and resolutions. 2007 was definitely a big year for me and it warrants some reflection. Since every media outlet seems to be doing lists I thought I would try my hand at one (there’s also the fact that I love making lists and talking about myself, so, there you go). I haven’t made any resolutions for 2008 yet but I have been thinking about trying to focus more on the positive. It probably wouldn’t be that difficult for me to rattle off a list of not-so-fun (and some downright terrible) parts of 2007 but in the spirit of that quasi-resolution I decided to focus my list on the good things that happened. So, without further ado - my top 10 favorite things about 2007, in no particular order and featuring both the big and little joys in life:

1. That I finally finished my dissertation, defended it, and completed my PhD.
2. Graduating! Yeah I know it’s closely related to number 1 but it was such a big deal that I’m including it twice. I lost my voice during the graduation ceremony (the tail end of a cold, heavy robes, and two hours in a hot stadium with no water can do that to you) but it was a wonderful celebration. I felt very lucky that so many people were able to come to Maryland and watch me graduate - my husband, parents and sister, in-laws, grandmother, and many of my friends were able to be there.
3. Starting my new job as a Research Associate at Campbell-Kibler Associates. I am thrilled to be working with Pat and love the work that we’re doing.
4. In case there wasn’t enough self-promotion going on, starting a
business with my mother was the fulfillment of a long-time goal. We’re having a wonderful time being crafty and working together.
5. Going to some great concerts –
Indigo Girls, Carbon Leaf, and the hilariously potty-mouthed Kathy Griffin.
6. Celebrating my sister-in-law’s engagement and sharing the excitement of her wedding planning.
7. Getting our fixer-upper house one step closer to being finished by fixing up our living room.
8. Celebrating my graduation, anniversary, and new job with a lovely vacation in Mexico.
9. Realizing that my husband was right when he kept telling me that
The Wire was the best show on television. We just finished watching all four seasons on DVD and are looking forward to the impending start of Season 5. The main plotline for Season 4 was focused on the public schools and was both incredible and heartbreaking to watch.
10. Traveling to NYC to spend time with friends and spend lots of money at bead shows.

So, the best of 2007…it was a very exciting year but we’re going to wind it down in a nice, quiet way. We’re thinking of going to see the CSI Exhibit at the Museum of Science in Boston. If you’re near Boston, you should check it out, the last day of the exhibit is January 1st. The website for the exhibit looks pretty fun and it’s great to see diversity in the cast of a show centered around science. If you’re not near Boston, don’t fret, the exhibit will be traveling to different museums throughout the U.S. until 2010.

FairerScience wishes everyone a safe and happy new year!


The CSI exhibit is pretty cool, but to get your money's worth, make sure you solve all three cases, not just the one they give you the card for. You don't really need to see the original crime scene to figure them out.

Lucy - Thanks for the tip! Hopefully we'll be able to go check out the exhibit.

Checking out "The Wire" on your recommendation, I notice that only 7 of 74 characters are female. No females appeared at all on the first several pages.

Hi Vicky - that's a good point about the gender balance in the cast and something I noticed when I started watching the show. The Wire has an extremely large cast and there are females (including African-American females) in some of the major roles. I think a large part of the gender imbalance is a reflection of the worlds they are exploring - they are often male dominated (i.e. homicide department, drug trade). I could write about The Wire for hours but I probably shouldn't :-) Even with the lack of gender balance I still believe the show is outstanding and treats the themes with an amazing amount of realism and features brilliant writing and performances.

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