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Ok it's 22 years old; but it's free

In 1985 a whole bunch of us published the Handbook for Achieving Sex Equity through Education. A huge book (over 500 pages) it was an incredibly comprehensive look at research and practice on sex equity in education. Of course "Increasing the Participation and Achievement of Girls and Women in Mathematics, Science, and Engineering" is a chapter as are 24 other areas including: Economic Considerations for Achieving Sex Equity through Education, Sex Equity as a Philosophical Problem, The New Scholarship on Women, Facts and Assumptions about the Nature of Sex Differences, Educational Equity and Sex Role Development and Administrative Strategies for Institutionalizing Sex Equity in Education and the Role of Government.

It's quite a book and you can get a PDF of it here. Oh ok, it's a PDF of a xeroxed copy of the book, but hey the book is from 1985, when we used to write using quill pens, parchment and Wangwriters.

PS An update, Handbook for Achieving Gender Equity Through Education came out this spring, but that one is so not free


Pat, thanks for sharing the witty information about the free online copy of our 1985 Handbook for Achieving Sex Equity through Education, sponsored by the American Educational Research Association. It has been available on ERIC microfiche for years and now they converted the microfiche to pdf format so it is easily accessible online.

We are also starting to plan web pages to keep the new 2007 Handbook for Achieving Gender Equity through Education, 2nd Edition up to date and turn it into a "Living Handbook" of the most definitive current research.

Sue Klein,
General Editor of the 1985 and 2007 Handbooks and Education Equity Director, Feminist Majority Foundation www.feminist.org/education.

P.S. Thanks for your super contributions to both Handbooks!

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