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Back to School: Science and Gender

Check out the front page of the National Science Foundation website today. Their lead story, "Back to School: Science and Gender" presents and refutes Five Myths about Girls and Science

1. Myth: From the time they start school, most girls are less interested in science than boys are.

2. Myth: Classroom interventions that work to increase girls' interest in STEM run the risk of turning off the boys.

3. Myth: Science and math teachers are no longer biased toward their male students.

4. Myth: When girls just aren't interested in science, parents can't do much to motivate them.

5. Myth: At the college level, changing the STEM curriculum runs the risk of watering down important "sink or swim" coursework.

It's short, interesting and highlights the good folks at NSF who fund FairerScience, the Gender in Science and Engineering (GSE) Program


Quick update- the article got picked up by MSNBC (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/20466219/%5C) Jolene, our program officer, is a star!

I know the MSNBC articles are just linked by keywords or meta tags, but I find it ironic that this blog entry ("Are Men Smarter?") was linked in the related content for the "5 Myths" article.

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