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Goodbye, Mr. Wizard, and thank you!

Mr. Wizard died this week and he will be missed. Oh I know that he hadn't been on television for many years and that the quality of those grainy black and white tv shows wasn't high. But ah Watch Mr. Wizard was great.

He and the kids with him did real experiments—ones you could do yourself at home without getting into too much trouble. And not only that, Mr. Wizard's science assistants included both girls and boys (side note oh how I wanted to be one of those girls even though they always wore the ugliest school dresses ever). And remember, folks, this was the 50's and the 60's when it was assumed girls didn't do much of anything – much less science. For years Mr. Wizard introduced girls and boys to the coolness of science. Thanks, Mr. Wizard!

Posted by Rosa for Pat, who's off doing cool science stuff in Hawaii, the poor woman.